Dr.Ahmed J. Obaid

Dr.Ahmed J. Obaid

Sunday, 04 August 2019 09:15

Publish in Faculty of Science Journals

Papers Submitted to The ISCPS Conference also can be considered for publishing in one of the faculty of Science, University of Kufa Journals, Which Based on The Reviewers' Evaluations as well as Authors needs. The Accepted Letters Have the Journal' Names that will be Responsible for Publishing your Research Paper. 

البحوث المسلمة والبوستر الى المؤتمر يمكن ايضا نشره في احدى مجلات كلية العلوم - جامعة الكوفة وحسب رغبة الباحث بعد اجتيازه معايير البحوث الرصينة وكذلك قرار لجنة تقويم البحوث حيث بالامكان نشره في احدة دوريات المجلات المذكورة وضمن الاعداد الخاصة بها 










One of the most important issue that facing the authors is Preparing the paper to meet the Scope of the research work, and shall the paper free of plagiarism as well as free from English language Errors, editing—Substantive Editing and Copy Editing—to address the broad academic writing and publishing needs of research authors, especially those with English as a second language. Whichever service you choose, we guarantee your paper will never be rejected on the grounds of poor language or formatting.

Language & Grammar-Check

  • Language Check
    Sentence construction, English word choice, clarity, parallel structure, tone, voice, redundancy
  • Grammar Check
    Subject-verb agreement, article usage, spellings, tense, prepositions, pronouns and determiners, adverbs and adjectives, relative clauses
  • Punctuation Check
    Commas, colons, semicolons, dashes, quotation marks, apostrophes

Style and Consistency

  • Writing Style Check
    Capitalization, hyphenation, headings, numbering style, abbreviations, American/British English
  • References Check
    Consistent citation style, consistent end-list reference style, cross-referencing between main text and end list
  • Figures and Tables
    Data consistency, cross-referencing between text and figures/tables

Technical Accuracy

  • Technical word choice
  • Subject-specific nomenclature
  • Appropriate units of measurement, symbols, and variables

Manuscript Formatting

  • As per the journal guidelines and instructions
  • Writing style guides (APA, MLA, and CMOS)

Logical Flow

  • Rearrangement, expansion, or summarizing of sections
  • Ensuring logical flow between sentences and paragraphs
  • Cross-checking appropriateness and presence of sections


  • Content accurately reflects title and heading
  • Appropriate weightage to sections – checking if abstracts cover all essential points
  • Clarity and coherence

Content Enhancement

  • Checking if presentation is simple and effective
  • Eliminating content repetition and redundancy
  • Verifying gaps and improving the content
  • Ensuring clear unambiguous statements

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